Thursday, June 10, 2021

L.O.T.D 6/10/2021 ft. Tiptoes at KidCred and Soda Pop Shop


Summer means the beach, and also popsicles. But having them at the same time is the bestest thing EVER! I went to my nana's today, she lives at the beach. So today I went down onto the beach to play. I wore my new swimsuit from Soda Pop Shop. It is a main store release that is available in 4 colors and is sized for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted, Bebe Baby Fitted, Bebe Chonk, Youth, Youth Chonk and Tween bodies. 

I had to wear my new sunglasses while at the beach too, they're flower shaped so they're even more cute than your typical sunglasses! They're available at the current round of KidCred, which opened today. They also come in a normal shape too incase you don't like flowers. They are unrigged so they can be resized to adjust to your own head. The sunglasses are available in 9 colors and it comes with a color hud to change the color of your lenses. 

Tiptoes also made my sandals, they are available in sizes for bebe baby fitted, bebe youth and toddleedoo baby fitted. They are also available in an unrigged option so that they can be resized for other avatars as well. They are available in a floral option and a striped option in 9 different colors. Each color includes a color change hud for the flowers and stripes to mix and match with colors.

Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here:

Swimsuit: Janie Swimsuit - Pink - Soda Pop Shop

Hair: T12 (04) - YumYum

Floaties: from Swim Ring & Floaties - Hippo - Sweet Baby

Sandy Feet: Sandy Feet + Legs - 03 - Izzie's

Sunglasses: Novelty Sunglasses (Flowers) - Yellow - Tiptoes at KidCred

Sandals: Slide Sandals (Flowers) - Yellow - Tiptoes at KidCred

Towel: From the Amy Bikini Set - Lazo

Popsicle: Astro Pop - July - Junkfood

Ice Cream: Graham Bear Cupcake Cones - Larnia Kids at KidCred

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