Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring Fever ft. Lazo @ Ninety Nine

It's FINALLY spring!! I'm so happy and I definitely have spring fever. I couldn't wait to go outside today and play all day. I didn't need a jacket either! In fact, it was warm enough that I could play in the sprinklers. I wanted to go swimming but my parents said it was too cold in the water still, so the sprinklers were the next best thing. 

My swimsuit can be found at Ninety Nine by the store Lazo. It is made for TD baby and the bebe body fitted. It comes with two color hud options, each hud comes with 5 color options. You can mix & match or do one solid color. The fatpack also includes an exclusive color. 

Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here 

Swimsuit: Rufflekini - Lazo @ Ninety Nine

Hair: Page - Gingers - Doe @ Previous Round of Gacha Garden (check MP for extras or main store)

Sprinkler: Octopus Sprinkler - Boogers

Pose: Sprinkler Jumpers - Right Jumper - BiVD

Friday, April 13, 2018

Butterfly Kisses ft. Lula Belle & Polished @ Ninety Nine

It's a beautiful spring day out today, it almost feels like summer even. So today I decided to go try and catch some butterflies. I love butterflies, they're so pretty. I caught a few, but then I let them go because butterflies can't survive like that. They need to fly free! 

I got a new manicure, it's been awhile since I've had one. Just in time for spring too, i got pretty pastel colors on my nails. These nails are available for the TD body, Bebe Body and an Omega Hud version. Each version comes with single & crazy nail hud options. 

My outfit is perfect for spring, of course I had to get purple. But there are 8 other color choices as well. Each top comes with a plain option or one with the design like mine. It is available for TD kid & Baby, and Bebe FITTED. 

Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here: 

Outfit: Audrey Dress - Lilac - Lula Belle @ Ninety Nine

Hair: Carmela - Gingers - Truth

Nails: Spring Pastels - Polished @ Ninety Nine

Pose w/ Props: Catching Butterflies - Catch - Shutterbugs (no longer in world)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Elodie @ Boutique Explorers

Hey everyone, sorry for the impromptu blogging hiatus. I went on vacation to the sunny south to get away from this northern cold. *shivers* But i'm back now and just in time for a brand new event starting up today called Boutique Explorers. 

Boutique explorers puts you in mind of the shop hop event. You get a HUD at the starting point and you TP to all of the different locations and there are items for sale and then at the end you go back to the starting location and you get a prize from the sponsoring store. It begins today at 12 p.m SLT!

The outfit I have on is by the store Elodie and is made for Toddleedoo Baby and the fitted version of the Bebe body. It is available in 5 color options; purple, pink, mint green, blue, and orange. 

Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here: 

Outfit: Mandy - Elodie for Boutique Explorers 

Shoes: Ballet Flats - Bow - Wishes @ Past Color Me Cute event (check main store)

Hair: Sylke - Reds - Wasabi Pills

Pose: Cutie Pie - 3 - .click. poses @ pose fair

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hopping down the Bunny Trail ft. Baby Bugs

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you all had a great Easter and had fun with family and/or friends. Today I went on an adventure after church, I wanted to find the Easter bunny himself. I was too excited to change out of my church clothes. I took off for the woods, and found a trail. At the end of the trail I found a bunch of bunnies, but not the Easter bunny. But that's okay, once I found these fluffy babies I forgot all about my mission. Do you think my parents will let me keep all of them? :D

Get the goods here: 

Dress (hat, socks & shoes included): Maliah - Purple - CCC (may not be in world, check marketplace here)

Hair: Things - Hud 01 - Magika

Pose & Props: Bunny Snack Pose - Baby Bugs

Sign: Old Wood Easter Sign Set - Bunny Trail - Re Blueprint Designs - Marketplace

Carrot Garden: Rabbits Garden - Follow Us - Marketplace

Stump & Bunnies: Stumps with Rabbits - Old World - Marketplace

Sim Location: Luane's World

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Shop till you drop

Get the goods here: 

Dress: Dolly Dress - Lilac Top - Enchantique

Shoes: Sienna Sandals - Rose - Enchantique

Hair: Marble Machine - Hud 01 - Magika

Purse: Crochet Tote - Mocha RARE - Ugly Duckling (from past event, check main store)

Pose w/ Bags Prop: Shopaholics - 3 - Solo shopper - Bellybean (no in world store atm, check marketplace for gacha extras. Bellybean can be found on MP here)

Furniture & Accessories:

Dresser w/ Mirror: Petal Dresser Set - Basil

Music Box: Nostalgia Jewelry Box - Pale Pink - *MishMish* - Marketplace

Basket: Photo Basket - Andares Bedroom Set - *AR*

Shelf Unit: Scalloped Shelves - Sky - Lula Belle 

Dolls: Run Away Princess, Beautiful Princess & Brilliant Wizard RARE - Garbaggio Dolls @ past arcade events (check marketplace or yard sales for extras)

Music Boxes: Cinderella Inspired Music Box & Beauty and the Beast inspired music boxes - NACH

Candle: Turn on the light candle - Alouette

Whisper a wish on a butterfly ft. Lazo

Get the goods here: 

Shirt: MagicT B (Fables) - Rare - Ugly Duckling at past gacha event (check main store)

Jeans: Jeans - Lazo

Hair: Kenna - Pack A - Nani

Pose & Props: Feeling Buggy - Little Moments (no inworld store ATM and not available on MP)

Sim Location: Luanes World

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hello Spring ft. Lazo @ Color Me Cute & In store release

Today I went on an adventure and found a farm. Now that it's spring there were baby chicks, lambs & goats everywhere! I snatched up a baby lamb and snuggled her and named her cotton. Because she's soft as cotton. 

My shirt can be found at the current round of Color Me Cute, by Lazo. It is available in a variety of colors and come in sizes for toddleedoo and bebe. My jeans are also a new release from Lazo, but are a store release and can be found at her main store. 

Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here: 

Shirt: Marina - Lazo @ Color Me Cute

Jeans: Jeans - Lazo 

Hair: Bianca - Style 1 - Wasabi Pills

Flower Crown: Willow Flower Crown - Lilac - Buglets

Lamb: Spring Babes - Lamb - Vanilla - Birdy/Alchemy @ past chapter four event (check main stores, may no longer be available)