Wednesday, August 8, 2018

May you always be brave enough to fly ft. Lazo & XOXO Poses for the Shop Hop

Today I went outside to play, and I decided to climb over the fence in the back yard and venture out into the forest. I found a butterfly garden and there were so many pretty butterflies. They must have sensed that i'm secretly part fairy because they all flocked right to me. 

I don't know how hot is is for anybody else lately, but it's HOT here where I live! So this summer dress is perfect to let me not cook out in the sun and let me play and go on adventures. It is available in a variety of colors, but I of course chose purple because that's my favorite color. It is available in 6 colors; purple, blue, pink, orange, and two different shades of green. It is sized for Toddleedoo Kid, Baby and Bad Seed Bebe. They are all non-fitted. You can get them at Lazo starting Friday for the Shop Hop event. 

My pretty butterfly pose is also available beginning Friday for the Shop Hop event, from XOXO Poses. It is modify as well so you can move butterflies around to adjust to your avatar size. 

Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here: 

Dress: Pixie Dress - Lazo for Shop Hop

Hair: Bianca - Style 1 - Reds - Wasabi Pills (check for gacha extra's on marketplace)

Pose w/ Butterflies: Fairytale - XOXO Poses for Shop Hop

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dancing with Fireflies & Butterfly Kisses

"May you touch fireflies and stars,
dance with fairies,
and talk to the moon."

Two of my favorite (of many) things are fireflies and butterflies, maybe because they have wings and can fly? Maybe because they cause happy, and smiles wherever they go? Either way, they're two of my favorites!

I love the summer time because it is when the fireflies come out the most, but between you and me I really know that the fireflies are actually fairies. But shhh, that's a secret! 

Get the goods here: 

Dress w/ Wings & Crown: Willow - Lilac - Buglets

Hair: Doki - Short - Pr!tty @ SaNaRae Event (current round)

Pose w/ Butterfly Prop: Chasing Butterflys - Bellybean - Marketplace

Sim Location: Luane's World

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer Day ft. Lazo

One of my favorite things about the summer is playing with sidewalk chalk and making pretty pictures. Butterflies are one of my favorite things, so I decided to make my own my size butterfly! 

My outfit is perfect for these hot July days, it's almost 100 here every day not to mention a LOT a humidity! It is available at Lazo's main store and will be available on marketplace very soon. The tank top and shorts are available in both Toddleedoo baby fitted and Bebe fitted. If you do not have the fitted body then this outfit will not work for you. 

Both the shorts and the tank top come with color change huds with a variety of color options in both lights and darks. 

Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here:

Shirt: Gia Top - Lazo

Shorts: Ida Shorts - Lazo

Hair: Bianca - Style 1 - Reds - Wasabi Pills

Pose: Flutterby - .Click. Poses

Thursday, July 12, 2018

After a long day ft. Little Stars & Sprinkled @ Ninety Nine

Last night after a long day of playing, and then a long evening of catching lightening bugs I climbed into my bed with my Ipad. She's not against technology for kids so long as it's educational! I think it's super educational to watch challenge videos on YouTube and to play mermaid and pony games! :D

My new pajamas are available at the current round of Ninety Nine by Little Stars and are sized for Toddleedoo Baby and Bad Seed Bebe Bodies. Both are non-rigged. It is available in 8 different colors so make sure you stop by and grab these adorable pajamas. 

Also, I am 3 afterall so I need my comfort items. My new teddy bear is also available at the current Ninety Nine round and is part of an accessories package that includes the bear, binky and a bib. It is also available in 4 different colors; purple, blue, blush & mint. One cool thing to know about the bear is that it is also holdable so you can carry it around with you, as well as laying it next to you in bed. :D

Happy Shopping!

Get the goods here: 

Pajamas: Teddy Footie PJ - Purple - Little Stars @ Ninety Nine

Hair: Wendy - Red - Monso

Bear & Binky: Accessorize me combo - Purple - Sprinkled @ Ninety Nine

Bed (includes animation & tablet): Victorian Bed - Muddpuddles

Nightstand: Victorian Nightstand - Muddpuddles

Lamp: Slumber Lamp - Cat - Lilac - Half Deer

Picture: La Belle Fairy Tale Princess Guiding Mirror - Cheeky Pea

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dance. Dream. Discover

Her Dream becomes Reality,
Her Passion is Ignited,
Her Future is Bright.
Dance is about more than the falls; 
it is about the life lessons. 

On to the credits: 

Outfit: Tiny Dancer - Pink - Tiptoes

Hair: Hana - Reds - Pr!tty @ Chapter Four

Pose: Ballet 002 - 5 - .Click. Poses

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Swinging away ft. Polished @ Shop Hop & Lazo

Today I decided to go to the farm again, I absolutely am loving these warm summer days where I can go barefoot and spend time outside. I found a swing to swing on too, which those are probably my favorite things at the park. Mostly because I love to twist myself up and then un-spin really fast. 

My outfit I have on is two separate items from Lazo that are brand new for a store release. They are sized for Toddleedoo baby non-fitted and Bebe body fitted. Both my shirt and shorts are available in 12 separate colors via hud.

I got another new summer manicure too, this is available at Polished for the current round of the shop hop. It is rigged mesh with a toenail applier hud that is rigged to work with the Toddleedoo body for both fitted and unfitted, and bebe body unfitted. 

Get the goods here: 

Shirt: Val Top - Lazo

Shorts: Wyn - Lazo

Nail polish: Mermaid Glam - Polished for Shop Hop

Hair: Soomi - Reds - Pr!tty @ Chapter Four

Pose w/ Prop: Swinging Set - 1 - Peachy Poses 

Location: Strawberry Lake

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

L.O.T.D ft. Lazo @ Shop Hop

Today's look of the day is brought to you by Lazo, this adorable romper will be available at Lazo starting Friday the 6th for this months round of the Shop Hop event. It is available in 6 different colors and is sized for Toddleedoo Kid & Baby (non fitted), and bebe body (non fitted). 

Make sure you join the in-world group to get the shop hop hud so you can get to all of the amazing items. 

Get the goods here:

Outfit: Linen Jumper - Lazo for Shop Hop

Hair: Kuri - Reds - Pr!tty @ SaNaRae

Pose: Darling - 1 - .Click. Poses

Location: Strawberry Lake