Monday, December 24, 2018

Blogmas #13 ft. Bebe'Licious @ The Roselline Event

Hey everyone and Happy Merry Christmas Eve!! Tonight Santa comes and we're all very busy here at the North Pole getting everything ready. I graduated Elf school so I get to help pack Santa's bag full of gifts for all the kids! I'm super excited about Christmas, mostly because it's about so much more then just presents and Santa. 

One of the awesome things about Christmas is that CPS hasn't been around here trying to find me. They're busy with their own families doing Christmas stuff so I don't gotta worry about hiding out! 

Santa did say that I had to go back to the Orphanage tonight though, the deal was I could only stay until Christmas, once he found out I was here I mean. Kinda sad, a lot sad actually, about that. But that means I get to ride in his sleigh and help him deliver gifts until we get to the orphanage, maybe I can convince him to save it for last!? 

My dress is all pretty and perfect for Christmas eve. Whether you're at the North Pole helping Santa and the elves or at home with your family or at a Christmas party. It is sized for Toddleedoo baby fitted and bebe body fitted. It will be available at the Roselline event (which opens tonight at midnight) and is by Bebe'Licious. It is available in 10 colors; sand, sea, storm, sky, sun, lilac, eggplant, grass, rose & coal.

Make sure you stop by the event and grab all of the adorable items! Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

Get the goods here:

Dress: Agnes Dress - Sky - Bebe'Licious @ Roselline

Tights: Winterize Set - Chelsea's Children's Clothes (older item, no longer available)

Shoes: t-strap flats - charcoal - {Ima} - Marketplace

Hair: Seven Days - Hud 01 - Magika

Hat: Santa Hat - included in Not a Creature was stirring pose - Gemma Grace Poses

Pose w/ Prop: Santa's Bag - Dollface @ Toddleedoo Winter Fair (now closed, check main store)

Location: Luane's World

Monday, December 17, 2018

Blogmas #12 ft. Lula Belle at Color Me Cute

Christmas is only 8 days away! Tonight all a the elves, even Santa Clause an Mrs. Clause, took a break an we all had a Christmas party! Mrs. Clause said it's to help everyone take a break an relax before the craziness of the last week of Christmas happens! So I got all dressed up in a pretty new dress, an Judy helped do my hair so it was all pretty! 

My dress is new from Lula Belle at the current round of Color Me Cute. It is sized for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted and Bebe Body Fitted only. It is available in 8 colors; sapphire, emerald, ruby, mint, lilac, coal, sky and blush. It is perfect all of the Christmas parties and get together's this time of year, or for taking Christmas Card photos. 

Make sure you stop by Color Me Cute to grab all of the adorable items! Happy Shopping!

Get the goods here:

Dress: Holly Dress - Sapphire - Lula Belle @ Color Me Cute

Tights: Winterize Set - Chelsea's Children's Clothes - Older Item, No Longer Available

Shoes: t-strap flats - charcoal - {Ima} - Marketplace

Hair: H0327 - Hud A - Tram

Pose w/ Prop: Candy Cane Heart - Forget me not - Marketplace

Location: Luane's World

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Blogmas #11 ft. Bebe'Licious at Color Me Cute

There's only a little over a week left until Christmas! I'm so excited! Today I helped out to sort letters for Santa, that means I'm one step closer to becoming an official elf for Santa! 

My dress is nice and warm, perfect to wear here in the north pole. You can find it at Color Me Cute by Bebe'Licious. It is available in 8 colors and sized for Toddleedoo Baby and Bebe bodies. 

Get the goods here: 

Dress: Hermoine Dress - Eggplant - Bebe'Licious @ Color Me Cute

Shoes w/ Socks: Winter Boots - Lazo

Hair: A perfect Mess - Hud 01 - Magika

Headband: Holiday Headband - Basil @ Color Me Cute

Backdrop: String Light Backdrop - Basil @ Toddleedoo Winter Fair

Pose w/ Prop: Ho Ho Blocks - .Click. Poses & Props

Blogmas #10 ft. Maple @ Color Me Cute

"Good night stars, good night air, good night noises everywhere"

These pajamas are just what I need to keep me warm. You can find them at Color me Cute, which opened today, by Maple. They are sized for Toddleedoo baby fitted only, and are great for both boys and girls. They come in 7 colors; blue, green, grey, khaki, pink, purple & red. But if you purchase the fatpack you will get 7 additional patterns that are only available in the fatpack.

Make sure you stop by and grab all of the adorable items! Happy Shopping!

Get the goods here: 

Pajamas: Sweet Slumber Footie pj's - Maple @ Color Me Cute

Binky: Web Pacifier (bento v1.28) - Killis - Marketplace

Hair: Marble Machine - Hud 01 - Magika

Pose w/ Prop: Moon Child - Tiny Tinkets

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Blogmas #9 I love the smell of Winter

Hello everyone, today has been a fun day here in the North Pole. I learned all about how to make baby doll clothes and paint doll houses today at Elf School. Afterwards me and some of the elf kids played in the snow. There's something special about the snow here in the North Pole, it's like it's extra magical then the snow back at the orphanage. When you blow on the snow, you can actually see the pretty snowflakes! When i'd try it before, it just looked like little tiny dots! 

Also, 11 days until Christmas! I haven't gotten a chance to actually officially meet Santa yet. He's really busy. But I'm hoping I will soon, I have an extra special Christmas wish to ask him this year. I can't say though, because it's like when you make a wish and blow out your birthday candles.. if you tell it won't come true! But I'll let you know if it DOES come true!

Get the goods here: 

Sweater: Emma Sweater - Rare - Muriel (store closed, check marketplace for extras)

Gloves: Bento Gloves - Sky - Lula Belle

Snowflake: Nose Snowflake - Ugly Duckling - Marketplace

Hair: Sparkle (w/ lights) - Hud 01 - Magika

Pose w/ Prop: Blow Snow Kiss - Akaesha - Marketplace

Location: Luane's World

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Blogmas #8 ft. Lula Belle at the Toddleedoo Winter Fair

Can you believe it's only 12 days until Christmas! Today at elf school I learned how to make Christmas ornaments, tomorrow is a very important day though. I'll be learning how to make Christmas presents! Bad news though, CPS showed up but i'm so short they walked right past me because I blended right in with the elves. Plus Judy threw them off the trail, I don't think they'll be back. But just the same, I'm laying low tonight and just hanging out inside decorating my very own mini Christmas tree.

I got new shoes today too, they're perfect too for running around in the snow or just being inside. You can get them from Lula Belle at the Toddleedoo Winter Fair, they can be worn with or without the socks. The socks are rigged for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted body & Bebe fitted body. The boots are available in 12 different colors and are unrigged & modify so they can be sized down or made bigger depending on what body you use. 

Get the goods here: 

Sweater: Wool Sweater - Lazo

Jeans: Natural Wash Jeans - Bright Blue - Petite Bowtique - Marketplace

Shoes & Socks: Leather Boot - Crimson - Lula Belle @ Toddleedoo Winter Fair

Scarf: Old Shop Hop Christmas Gift @ Lazo (may no longer be available)

Hair: Holly - Gingers - Doe @ Arcade

Pose w/ Prop: Be Merry - 2 - Enchanted Poses @ The Got Cha Event

~ Misc Items ~

Christmas Tree: Christmas set - traditional - mini tree - Half Deer

Fireplace: White Wood Hearth - Trompe Loeil (check main store or marketplace for extras)

Countdown: Christmas Countdown - Trinket @ Toddleedoo Winter Fair

Hot Cocoa & Cookies: cocoa & cookies tray - dust bunny 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Blogmas #7 ft. Lazo for the Shop Hop & Maple @ The Toddleedoo Winter Fair

Today's been a hot cocoa and movie kinda day! So after elf school.. today we practiced all the Christmas songs, I went back to Judy's elf house an we all watched Christmas movies! I snuggled up with my new pillow and blanket from Maple, which is out at the Toddleedoo Fair now. It says "I believe in Unicorns, good night" and comes with a texture change hud for the pillow and blanket to change the colors. There is also one for the dragon lovers too that says "I believe in Dragons, good night" The pillows include animations for friends, parent/child, and single lays. 

My pajamas can be found at Lazo for the current round of the shop hop. They are sized for Toddleedoo Kid & Baby non fitted, and Bebe Body fitted. They are also for both boys and girls, included in the texture change hud are red & green color options, a pink option, and a dark blue option. The shirt's all say the same thing. Naughty, Nice and I tried with tried. Because lets face it.. I tried. *shrugs*

Anyway, make sure you stop by and grab all of the adorable items at the TD fair and shop hop! Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here:

Pajamas: Christmas Pajamas - Lazo

Hair: Checkpoint - Hud 01 - Magika

Pillow: Cuddle anywhere - "I believe" unicorns - Maple @ Toddleedoo Winter Fair

Blanket: Cuddle Blanket - Unicorns - Maple @ Toddleedoo Winter Fair

Rudolph: Royal Huggie Rudolph Plushie - Royal Pain

Pose: Cutie Sit - 1 - .Click. Poses & Props