Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Blog-oween #13 ft. Viv.a Kids @ Roselline Event

Today's Blog-oween takes me back to Salem, I was sad to leave the new friends I made in the country but since CPS cleared out I'm safe to be back in Salem again. When I got back, I met a lady who was decorating skulls.. that's right, skulls! Well I thought they were actual skulls, but they're not from people. They're actually sugar skulls, but look a lot like the real thing! People from the Mexican heritage decorate them for the Day of the Dead Holiday. She said her church was having a big festival for it and if I wanted to come I could, she even helped me dress up for it! 

My outfit is sized for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted & Bebe Bodies and can be found at the upcoming Roselline Event which opens on the 24th, which is tomorrow! You can buy the outfit which comes with the dress, shoes, necklace, a black crown, and the gloves. The different colored crowns, face paints, coin purses and sugar skulls will be available in a gacha. The face paint will work with any body because they are omega appliers! 

Make sure you stop by the event and check out all of the amazing items coming to this months round! Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here: 

Outfit: Calavera Queen Costume - Viv.a Kids @ Roselline Event

Hair: Seven Days - Hud 01 - Magika

Crown: Crown Purple - Viv.a Kids @ Roselline Event

Skull: Sugar Skull - Purple - Viv.a Kids @ Roselline Event

Coin Purse: Coin Purses Skull - Teal - Viv.a Kids @ Roselline Event

Face paint: Sugar Skull Makeup - Purple - Viv.a Kids @ Roselline Event

Pose: Darling - 2 - .Click. Poses & Props

Sim Location: Dead Mans Island

Gacha Key

Monday, October 22, 2018

Blog-oween #12 ft. Maple for Dandelions Unite

Today's Blog-oween is still in the country! I'm still hanging around on the farm, and look I found a new friend! I'm going to name her Itty Bitty! CPS is still gone, so I think tomorrow i'll drive my barbie car back to Salem and see what's going on there that's new. I'm going to take Itty Bitty with me though. The farmer said I could have her if I helped gather the eggs as payment, that was easy peasy so now she's mine! 

I'm still wearing farm clothes to fit in, my outfit will be available at Dandelions Unite by Maple beginning the 24th, which is Wednesday and is sized for Toddleedoo Baby fitted. It is available in 3 colors; red, blue and pink plaid. They will be available as single packs or fatpacks. The jeans are also available in 3 different colors as well; blue, bleached and acid washed black. 

Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here: 

Top: lumber sweater - blue plaid - Maple @ Dandelions Unite

Jeans: skinny stretch denims - blue - Maple @ Dandelions Unite

Boots: cowgirl boots - brown (from country girl sky outfit) - lil big me - Marketplace

Hair: go easy - ginger pack - Lamb

Pose w/ Props: with my puppy - p.o.s.e - Marketplace

Location: Luane's World

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Blog-oween #11 ft. Viv.a Kids @ Thimble

Today's adventure for Blog-oween takes me to a small farm not far outside of Salem. I was able to rent a barbie car for 25 cents and drive there! I figured even though CPS cleared out, I figured I should lay low too. After all, they won't think to look for me at a farm. 

But I gotta look the part when I go somewhere, so I found this adorable cowgirl outfit. It is available currently at Thimble by Viv.a Kids! It is sized for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted and Bebe Body and is available in 4 colors. Pink, Blue, White & Amber. It includes your shirt, jeans, boots, scarf, hat and sunglasses. Make sure you stop by and check out all of the adorable items!

P.S. I may lay low here for another day or so, but don't worry. I'll be back to Salem in no time! 

Happy Shopping!!

Get the goods here: 

Outfit: My Cowgirl Tie - Pink - Viv.a Kids @ Thimble

Hair: Elira - Gingers - Truth Hair

Pose w/ Prop: Cowgirl - 4 - .Click. Poses & Props

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Blog-oween #10 ft. Lula Belle @ Thimble & Maple @ Roselline Event

Today's Blog-oween continues here in Salem, I met a couple of nice kids who helped me hide from CPS after the haunted trail people took all my makeup off. They're not orphans like me or nothing, but kids stick together! I'm laying low today at their house, hoping that by tomorrow CPS clears out and I can go back to my adventures! But for now, i'm having fun with my two new friends! 

My outfit, is going to be available at this months round of the Roselline Event by Maple. It is available in 5 different colors and each color has the option of being worn plain or having the word cutiepatootie on it. My leggings and dress can be worn separate, which is cool. Because some days I may wanna ear jeans with my dress. When it comes to Audri style, you never know which way i'm gonna go some times. My outfit is available in Toddleedoo Baby - Fitted only. Dandelions Unite opens the 24th so make sure you stop by and grab the adorable items!

Also, I may be in Salem but I originally come from the south. You aren't from the south unless you got a big bow in your hair! These adorable bows are available now at Thimble and are available in 12 different colors. 

Get the goods here: 

(Going Left to Right)

~ Teagan ~

Outfit: Danny - Soda Pop Shop (For Toddleedoo Baby & Bebe Bodies)

Hair: Bones - Monotone - Doe @ Collabor88

~ Me ~

Dress: Sweater Dress - Cutiepatootie - Purple - Maple @ Roselline Event

Leggings: Wool Tights - Multicolored - Maple @ Roselline Event

Shoes: Casual Boots - Camel - Little Miss

Hair: Girim - Short - Bangs B - Reds - Pr!tty

Hair Bow: Velvet Bow Headband - Snow - Lula Belle @ Thimble

~ Charlotte ~

Outfit: Pastel Witch - Sleepy Fawn @ Pumpkin Hill (sized for Bebe body and TD Baby)

Shoes: Lil Chucks - Alabaster - Mapetit

Hair: Nicole - Blues (main store no longer in world & not available on MP)

Pose: Silly Friends - .Click. Poses & Props

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Blog-oween #9 L.O.T.D 10/18

"Come little children I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment. Come little children the times come to play, here in my garden of magic." 
- Sarah in Hocus Pocus

Today's blog-oween, is, lets be honest.. kind of creepy! See, what had happened was CPS was sent to find me again. But this time I outsmarted them! I have a creepy little giggle when i'm making mischief I've been told, so I was asked to play a character in their Haunted Halloween tour. I couldn't say no! 

They put a lot a good makeup on me and used a lot of hair products to make my hair stick straight out. Then they gave me a new dolly friend and a knife (don't worry it's plastic!!) to hold and said to kind of wander aimlessly around the cemetery and scream when I saw people. That sounded easy enough to do! Plus my plan worked, the CPS people had no idea it was me!

In case you're wondering, my dress is available without the blood splatter as well. You can find it at Pumpkin Hill by Enchantique and it is available in black without the blood and a variety of other colors as well. It is sized for Bebe Body and Toddleedoo Baby.

Get the goods here: 

Dress: Morticia Dress - Blood - Enchantique @ Pumpkin Hill

Tights: Sock & Undie Hud - Chelsea Blood Doll Gacha - Baby Burp - (check main store or MP for extras)

Shoes: Winterize Color Mary Janes - CCC (old item, may no longer be available)

Skin: Undead Doll Skin - Toddleedoo Halloween Spot

Hair: Yuri - Windy - Reds - Pr!tty (from past chapter four event, check main store or MP for extras)

Nails: Undead Nails - Toddleedoo @ OSE Trunk or Treat

Doll: Gerda - Chelsea Blood doll Gacha - Baby Burp @ Past Playroom Event (check main store or MP for extras)

Knife: Holdable knife - Little Creeper Gacha - Baby Burp @ Past Playroom Event (check main store or MP for extras) 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Blog-oween #8 ft. Lula Belle @ Pumpkin Hill

Today's blog-oween takes me back to Salem! I knew acting and dressing like an angel for a day would fool the grownups at the orphanage! They turned their backs to me long enough for me to scale the fence in the back yard and escape. I had enough of my lemonade stand money left to buy another bus ticket. I'm back among my people now, but shhhhh don't tell the grownups! I don't want them sending CPS out for me again! 

I don't have another witch outfit, but I do have an outfit that's got the most famous witches of all on the shirt and that's the Sanderson Sisters of course! I love the movie Hocus Pocus. So when I got here the first thing I did was change into my new outfit so that the grownup witches would approve! Then the second thing I did was browse around the small little downtown shops. 

My outfit is made by Lula Belle and is sized for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted and Bebe Body Fitted. The shirt and leggings can be worn separately, so if you're not a leggings person you can wear the shirt with a pair of jeans! This new outfit is part of a new item available now at the Pumpkin Hill Event that opened today. Make sure you stop by the event to check out all of the awesome items!

Get the goods here: 

Shirt: Thackery Sweater - Squad - Lula Belle @ Pumpkin Hill

Leggings: Thackery Leggings - Lula Belle @ Pumpkin Hill

Shoes: Avery Fringe Boots - Caramel - Lula Belle

Hair: Marble Machine - Hud 01 - Magika

Jars w/ hold animation: Pumpkin Face Jar & Souls of my enemies Jar - Basil @ Pumpkin Hill

Misc. Items: 

Cauldron: Cauldron - Green (from hocus pocus set) - Birdy (check main store or extras on marketplace)

Bookshelf: You're a wizard bookshelf - Alouette

Broom: Witch Broom (sparkles) - Tiny Moments (Also wearable that animates you to fly!)

Potions Cabinet: The Witching Hour - Potion Cabinet - Madpea (check main store or Marketplace for extras)


Hocus Pocus Sign & Witch Parking - Both available as free prizes at treat stations at the Larnia Kids Halloween Hunt


Chanting Sister, Sniffer Sister & Powerful Sister - Garbaggio @ Past Arcade Event (check main store or marketplace for extras)

~ Thackery Outfit Ad with all 3 shirt designs ~

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Blog-oween #7 ft. Viv.a Kids @ Pumpkin Hill

Today's blog-oween sadly brings no adventure, the grownups at the orphanage have been watching me like a hawk. They seem to think if they take their eyes off me that i'll bust outta the joint again. Which brings you to today's costume. I really am an angel, but I figure if I wear an angel costume that the grownups here at the orphanage will think so too and that I can bust out again. But that's our secret!!

My costume is going to be coming to Pumpkin Hill, which opens tomorrow (the 17th), by Viv.a Kids. It is sized for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted & Bebe Body. The fun part is along with the angel costume, there is also a devil costume for sale too. So those of you who have siblings or best friends who are the mischievous ones, it would make a great gift! Then you could team up for Halloween where you're matching but not identical!

Make sure you stop by Pumpkin Hill to grab all of the adorable items!

On to the credits: 

Angel Outfit & Accessories: Little Angel - Viv.a Kids @ Pumpkin Hill

Hair: Itch - Hud 01 - Magika

Pose: Quirky - 2 (m) - .Click. Poses & Props